He shed, she shed, We All Like To Shed!

As fantastic as a Patio is, are you looking to create a whole new room?

Are you part of the generation that is afraid they will be left out in the rain and cold or heat? Don’t be! We have the answer. Here at the The Patio Factory, we understand the struggle. Maybe Granny needs a place? She’s getting on in years and being closer to the family would help.  Does Dad need an office? How about Junior…a place for the band to practice? Don’t worry Mom, you can use it as your yoga studio! Maybe your daughter is needing her space, needs MORE PRIVACY PLEASE! Don’t laugh, many of us have experienced those teen years more than once!  We can offer tips…and ear plugs!

Right now you could already have your patio, or maybe just a plot of dirt but here at The Patio Factory we are here to help. Our designers are working round the clock to come up with new and fashionable designs that meet your needs. We utilise the finest Australian made materials available. Our BlueScope® Steel is known for its strength and durability. Our offering of Colorbond® Colours will surpass your wildest dreams!  Check out our chart here: https://www.patiofactory.com.au/colorbond-colours/.  We can match or compliment your existing structure. Just let us know do you want this room to meld in with the rest of the home or do you want something that stands out? So, sound interesting? We thought it might. Keep reading.

Thinking about expanding? This is one of, if not the most economical and fastest ways to do it.  We can turn your outdoor room into an indoor room in nothing flat! Need to get your dining room back? Tired of seeing mounds of your husband’s/wife’s paperwork from work no less, on your table? Let’s build him/her and office with a door! Close the door, no more mess! Now, that’s fast clean-up!!

Expecting the unexpected…even just one new little one comes with a lot of gear. Imagine twins! Oh my! Twice the gear, twice the mess! Let’s enclose that outdoor play patio and make it into an indoor playroom, not far from the kitchen so Mom can hear everything…as if she couldn’t anyway? Suddenly no more worries, kids toys are neatly stowed behind a closed door or in a separate room where company invited or uninvited can’t see the mess! Your mother-in-law won’t be able to walk in and say “Oh, I see your cleaning lady quit!” or “Hmmmm looks like you’ve redecorated in early toddler!” The joke is on her because your mess is hidden away from her prying, critical eyes. Trust me. We all have in-laws and we’ve all been through it. We know how to let the wind out of her sails faster than you can blink. No tips here though. We only go over those in person! Safety first!

Perhaps you would like to start small and just fence in a carport, a Stratco Shed or a Patio Factory Patio. Our Colorbond® Fencing can make this happen quickly. Have the dogs run you wild, the kids gotten out of hand? Need to coral them so you can sit down? We’re on it for you. Just say the word and you guess it, Colorbond® fencing is available in an array of colours as well, to match or compliment existing structures.

Let’s talk about Granny. Now we all love it when Granny comes to visit. You’ll need a lot of storage to keep everything in order. We can offer the best possible solution for both parties. Let’s take that outdoor patio space in your garden and make it into a Granny Flat! The wee ones still have a place to visit, you still have your privacy and so does Granny! Wow! Bet you didn’t see that one coming! It’s ok. Truly, none of us ever do. One day Granny is coming over for dinner every night, the next her stuff is being delivered by the truck load to your home! Well, at least now you are ready!

Mom, yes, finally it’s your turn. Maybe you’ve decided to take up painting, sewing or yoga?  Let’s make your perfect space, put a door on it and give you the only key. Sound like paradise? Good. You deserve it. Let’s get started. Give us a call today so we can discuss particulars and how we can make your life better tel: 08 94515777. Our designers are waiting! Don’t worry. We keep them well-fed and at their desks so they are available when you call!

You can also check out our blog to see where we’ve posted some of the responses about our outdoor rooms turning into indoor rooms. We’ve plenty of happy customers.

Blog post 1/Testimonial:

Dear Patio Factory! Hooray! My patio is now a playroom! My children are growing like weeds and running after them in the garden all day was a bit much. Now I have a safe, enclosed indoor space to store all their items and let them make a mess.

My husband is happy when he gets home because he enters their world to play and leave the mess behind, no more stepping on Legos®! Those little buggers smart! Again, many thanks.


Sonia Georges – Byford


Dear PF, WA;

My deepest and warmest regards to whoever invented your process for enclosing the carport! Now my son has a place to practice his guitar! He’s even thinking about switching to drums! I don’t care because he’s no longer in my living room! Even my husband and his poker buddies are enjoying the new room! Wow! No more cigar smell in my kitchen or dining room! Really it’s been a Godsend! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you

Nicole Thomas, Kallaroo