At Patios Perth, we crave the outdoor lifestyle that a DIY patio offers our clients. The Patio Factory is your go to source for creating that outdoor space that you can be proud of and that your friends and family will want to visit! If they stay too long, just let us know and we’ll tell you what to do to get rid of them! Our designers know how to make your home the show place that you desire.

Let’s talk turkey! Do you want a place to entertain? Are those late night gatherings of friends in your future? Well having all those people around is great, but you need to have a place for them to sit, relax, and indulge in conversation. Not everyone can afford the glamorous sets sold in home stores. That’s where we come in. We can show you how to do most items yourself, make a plan for you to follow and refer you to sites that have videos and easy to follow photographs for the home DIY expert. How could we steer you wrong? Didn’t you just finish the install for one of our fabulous DIY patio kits?

The Patio Factory prices will make this project stay within your budget. We pride ourselves in working with all levels of home DIY’ers. We know that some of you really know your way around a tool box and others struggle to find a proper screw driver. Fear not! We are here to talk you through the process and keep you going. Our cheerleaders….our designers are ready to go! They don’t get too much exercise, so we’ve organized them into a cheer team for this purpose! They know how to motivate you!

Seriously folks, we are here for you. We have everything from the expensive custom jobs to the cheap patio Perth designs that we can assist you to make happen on a shoe string. If you are looking for patios in Perth, want reasonable patio prices in Western Australia, Patios Perth is your go to place for everything to make that dream possible.

Let’s move on to décor. What will you use to make your space a lovely inviting outdoor room to entertain, read, nap…we just love our naps!!…or perhaps you want a quiet space for date night with that someone special? Plants are the most obvious and the cheapest way you can dress up your outdoor space. If you plant budget is small, sneak on over to the neighbor and get a clipping from your favorite bush. There are plenty of tutorials online that will tell you how to root it so you can have your own bush…just plant it out of their sight line! If worse comes to worse, tell them a bird did it. Birds are always flitting about and it’s totally believable. So now that you know how to get a clipping from a favorite plant, you are going to need….you guessed it, pots!

Pots can be anything, literally. Old toys, plumbing parts, coffee cans….we suggest a little decorative outdoor safe paint to dress them up and before you know it the family has a new project to be proud of! Plants add texture and interest. More than one conversation has been started over a flower or a plant. If making pots and clippings isn’t your style, start slow, pick up one or two a season and learn how to care for them so they last and grow healthier over time.

Seating is a must. Do you really want to have friends over for cocktails and make them stand? I can tell you, that only works for quick meetings and the unofficial talks around the water cooler, not parties! Seats and tables can be fabricated from almost anything. Do you have old crates? Make them into interesting end tables, coffee tables or shelving! You’ve put together your own DIY Patio from Patios Perth; now let’s see how well you can dress it! At Patios Perth we are filled with DIY ideas for you to make your own. Don’t be afraid to discuss DIY options with our designers. See something you like? We know you will and we can most often find a way to copy it and turn it into something fabulous and one of a kind. Let’s work together to make your Patios Perth/ Patios WA Patio dreams come true and we’ll keep it all in budget with our fantastic Patio Perth prices! Say that three times fast! Remember, your decorative and patio items can be cheap, but they don’t have to look it! So contact Patios Perth today and let’s come up with some ideas in budget for your DIY Patio! Cheers!