Solar Patios is your answer to the perfect bill-cutting solution for every home owner looking to save money. If you have looked into solar panels before but your roof has been the wrong size, or wrong orientation just too delicate to destruct with solar panels then we have the answer for you. Our solar panel system that would not only give you the same utilisation that a normal patio does but its also cost effective and in our words – stylish. Paired with our Colorbond and Bluescope steel the trio are a fantastic mach. Our Solar System creates a unique, architectural addition that would enhance the exterior of any home or power your vehicle. ​For all these who prefer not to have the solar panels mounted on their roof, incorporating our Solar Patio is your best possible solution. Solar patio cover can be either attached to the house as any regular patio would be or as a freestanding carport. When looking at the future why not save money where you can.

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Solar patios perth

-Our patio provides you with cover and rain protection. The Solar system lies above of the patio. Our solar system gets the greatest amount of efficiency while also being a great investment.

-The Patio serves all the great functions are per normals

-You are saving money whilst also enjoying the space

-We take care of the whole process for you

– From shire to installation

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