Skillion Roof

Skillion roof patios are a modern looking alternative perfect for transforming your outdoor space into a protected, usable and functional space ideal for entertaining family or guests, BBQ parties, or simply a quiet place to relax.

You will be amazed at the different design options and styles available with a variety of roof sheeting options and designed to maximise the potential of your outdoor area and compliment the existing design features of your home.

Skillion roof patios are unique because there is only one flat surface which is raised at end end which provides a significant angle to allow stormwater run-off.

The skillion roof differs from a standard flat roof patio by providing an architectural statement by raising the roof above the house with a relatively steep pitch; thus providing much more head space than a conventional flat roof patio.

Why You Should Purchase a Skillion Patio?

Skillion roofs are commonly installed because not only do they look great, but they are a smart inexpensive option compared to standard gable or hipped end patio, and provide a distinctive style and modern charm to your home.

Skillion roof patios have gained popularity in Australia as a design feature in its own right, evoking timeless Colorbond roofing, polycarbonate roofing, or fully insulated roofing options.

What are the different types of Skillion roof patios?

Variations of skillion patio designs are boundless and are only limited by your imagination.  Some of our most popular designs include:

  • Standard skillion attached to the house fascia raised above the house gutter with a polycarbonate infill to allow light to come through while protecting you and your valuables from rainfall.
  • Flyover skillion is much the same as mentioned above, but the patio roof overlaps the house roof thus allowing an area for air to flow through.
  • Butterfly skillion patio angles two skillions down towards the center. This design is particularly effective way to capture water, which is a big advantage for homes where rainwater harvesting is a priority.
  • Reverse skillion patio is raised opposite the house and angles down back toward the house.  A very impressive design which offers the home owner unobstructed views from under the patio, a big advantage for homes where it is critical to not obstruct those million dollar views.

Benefits of Skillion Roofs

  • Cost-effective, easy and quick construction
  • Powerful modern design element
  • Provides a large space for the installation of solar panels.
  • Allows fast water drainage

What materials are used in Skillion board?

Skillion patio roofs tend to be steep, allowing the water to drain more effectively than standard flat roof patios.

The roofing options are numerous, from traditional Colorbond® (available in many distinctive profiles and colours), traditional corrugated, trimdek profiled or flat polycarbonate heat reflective sheeting where lighting is critical,  to the top of the range Solarspan® or Cooldek® insulated roofing offering style and comfort with rich decorative look.