In 2018 Perth Patios are all about comfy seating, lighting, and versatility!


Boy do we love our Perth Patios! Nothing speaks to outdoor living more than a decorated and curated patio.  If anything, 2018 has been the year of the patio. More and more people decided to live outdoors and enjoy the weather and their environment. We think it’s been a stellar idea! Comfort and versatility seem to be key ideas for Perth patios this year. We are seeing spaces that have multiple purpose and large comfy pillows!


Perth Patios are all about seating and being comfortable. Did we mention seating? Lots and lots of seating with big, comfy cushions is a focal point of the patio this year!  Matched seating plays a part as well. You can also do coordinated seating, different seats in the same colour. This will give you a chance to utilize furniture you already have and as a DIY project spiff it up with some paint! If you are fortunate enough to buy new, stick with neutral colours and add pops of colour with cushions and pillows!

Neutral colours for seating are best, teak wood is an excellent choice for outdoors. Nice bright cushions that pop give everything a bit of pizzazz!  Neutral furniture can be paired with any colour cushion that pleases you. Try to find something happy. We are seeing bright cushions, making happy spaces for family gatherings.

If a spa setting is more in keeping with your lifestyle, choose colours that are soothing, typically pale blues, greens or pastel shades. In any case, nice, plump comfy seating is inviting no matter the colour.


Perth Patios are in love with mood lighting!  You can utilize strings of bulbs for an outdoor festive look or softer lighting on fans or on tables. Really the choice is yours; personal preference is making a comeback. You should have a space that is pleasing to you and designed with your comfort in mind.

Chandeliers are also showing up on the patio. Perth patios get a lot of use, so some have dining areas and what better light over the dining area than a chandelier? Put that chandelier on a dimmer and you have instant mood lighting!

Insulated Patios

Insulated Patios provide year round usage! Nothing is more versatile! Wow, now that’s good thinking! Why dress up the room and not be able to use it all year round? Insulated roofing panels provide excellent coverage and help maintain a more even temperature on your Perth patios.

Fireplaces provide a lovely focal point for your outdoor living space. No fireplace, no worries. Just get a fire pit or fire bowl for your Perth patio! Nothing is more fun than gathering around the fire in the evening for a sing along or for roasting marshmallows with the kids! Maybe you want to gather at the fire for a nice glass of wine with your honey? Now that’s advanced planning!

Not into fireplaces or fire bowls? How about a heater? A propane heater can keep you out enjoying your Perth patio even as the weather cools. They look lovely by your couch seating and are easy to set and use.


Like the fire bowl area, Perth patios are seeing a vignette scheme popping up all over. Now more than ever, couples, family members and friends are enjoying breakfast on the patio!  Small vignettes off to the side are making a lovely area that is just suited for the task. Small café tables and matching chairs in a lighter tone are a lovely idea for this.

Outdoor Kitchens

Some of us are really celebrating the outdoors! We’ve moved a daily task right out to the patio with us. Outdoor kitchens are a great way to help keep the house cool in the warm weather. Not to mention that they are great for entertaining. Perth patios with outdoor kitchens are a sight to behold! Just imagine you and all of your friends and family gathered outside  for a meal as you pull the steaks off the grill, grab the salad and turn to place it on the table! No more running in and out! Fabulous!

No matter what the trend is, remember that Perth patios should always be a space that you love to visit. If you need help understanding the current trends or figuring out how they relate to your style, give us a shout. We have designers on hand that can help. Don’t be shy. Call us today so we can help you with decorating your Perth patios space.

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