At Patio Perth, our designers are hungry! Really, we don’t let them leave the office all that often. We like to keep them available to meet all your design needs and handle all your phone calls. So call them, they really get excited when the phone rings!

Seriously, at Patio Perth we like to have fun so you can have fun. We design completely functional and aesthetically pleasing patio design options for all your needs, both commercial and residential. Do you need a patio design that will allow for a large family reunion or perhaps a dinner with that special someone, a place for employees to take their break outdoors but stay protected from the sun and weather?  You do? We knew it!  Patio Perth has the answer. From large to small spaces, we are here to help with the details, the functionality and to make it look nice! Your patio should function in whatever manner you have chosen and it should look good doing it!

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No one wants to be the ugly-duckling or the elephant in the room. So, let’s transform your space together. We have talented designers on staff, ready and waiting to meet or to discuss options with you over the phone. A Patio Perth, we hold your hand through every stop of the patio design process. We gently guide you towards the patio design options you are looking for, based on your needs and desires.

Remember, this is your space. Let’s make it something you can actually use, something you, your friends and family will all enjoy together.  Are you tired of putting the folding chairs out on the grass, being eaten alive by bugs and having to wear your shoes in the grass? Ugh, so are your friends!  Make bridge night fun again. Invite everyone over for a card party on the new patio. Enjoy the great outdoors without the mess!  Kick off your shoes and relax, under one of our modular roofing systems that will compliment your lovely new patio.  We’ve got all kinds of goodies!

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Our patio design options include the more economical but just as pleasing Standard Flat Patio, the Hipped Gable Patio, the Dome Patio and the Skillion Patio as well.  All are viable options that have functional integrity and provide a beautiful outdoor experience for you and your guests.  We offer DIY KIT options for your installation pleasure. Don’t worry! We’re not going to make you do it if you don’t want to! We have installers available as well for any of the options that you are considering. They work fast and clean so that you have your patio up and running in the fastest way possible. Install today, party tonight!  We know you want to have fun and we want to help make that happen.

Please look through the pages of our site to get an idea of what you like and what you don’t like. That way when you call us and we start asking you questions, don’t worry…nothing too difficult, the whole process will be a breeze.  We are a one-stop patio shop backed by years of experience and knowledge.  All of our products are designed and manufactured to stand up to all Australian standards and codes. After all, we don’t want our pergolas or patios blowing down or lifting up in a brisk wind now do we? So please, contact us today at (08) 9451 6661 and let’s get started on that patio design to rival any design you’ve seen so far. Oh yeah, and we’re up for that make your neighbor jealous gig too! Just let us know which one he or she is and we’ll make sure they have a clear view of your new patio or structure being installed on a beautiful sunny warm day so that later on while you are standing on your patio, sipping a bit of sweet tea and gazing at your beautiful view, you can turn and gently wave to your sweaty, sunburned neighbor, while they drink from the hose, sitting in their plastic yard chairs in the bright sun. Quit laughing! You know you want to do it!

Maybe you’re the boss at a company in an industrial area, who up until now sent his employees out behind the loading dock to eat lunch at a picnic table hastily thrown together and situated on the side of the drive way.  No one wants to sit there.  As your employees come in from eating lunch on the new patio or taking a quick break to refresh and they thank you for the wonderful addition to their work place environment, we know you’ll be smiling on the inside as well as the outside.