Send those pests packing!

Let’s face it. Life in Australia is meant to be lived in the outdoors. With all of the Patio designs offered, The Patio Factory can accommodate any need you may have when it comes to enquiring about a patio. Insulated roof Patios, shed roof Patios, you name it, we design it. Our Patios are revered by roses and their owners alike all over Western Australia. We have many pergola ideas should you lean in that direction.  Paired with modular decking the overall look is completed.  Just in case you don’t want to, heaven forbid…touch the grass or the dirt! No worries. With multiple types of flooring options available out there you’ll certainly find something that complements the look. Now, on to more pressing business of those tiny little invaders we all don’t like!

We’ve all done it, planted the most gorgeous gardens….gazed proudly out at our miniature farm land in the yard and discovered….garden pests!  So then we move everything to containers on the patio. Surely they wouldn’t have the nerve?  They do! Trust us on this. If you plant it, they will come!  There are many ways to rid your garden of pests.  Everything from fly swatters to sprays to specially scented candles…great…you spent all that money on new perfume and now all anyone can smell is citronella! Yuck!  No need for it. We have several suggestions and none will compete with you on that warm evening you want to sip a glass of wine with your honey and gaze at the stars all from your patio or pergola.  These are the times that make Australian outdoor living so loved. Just imagine…while your friends on dates in the are listening to the sizzle of bug zappers or stinking up the place with citronella, you can relax and truly enjoy your patio or pergola in style!

How do we do this you ask?  Well there are a few ways. First let’s discuss diatomaceous earth. This is the wunderkind of the gardening world! Food grade diatomaceous earth is normally available online and even in some gardening shops. Sprinkle it on the lawn, garden, even directly on the patio….we suggest in the corners and around the patio on the grass to keep pests out. This is an all natural alternative and as long as its food grade, your precious bundle of joy that puts everything in their mouth right now….everything but what you give him/her for that purpose….we’ve pulled many a pea from noses, even took Barbie’s head out of one little gal’s mouth…can eat it without worry. Your pets won’t get sick from it. They can eat it too. The worst that would happen is that they will be rid of all internal parasites by the time it works through their systems…..just ask a farmer!  So there you go…put it down when the weather is due to be dry for 2-3 days…usually not a problem here. Then sit back on your Patio Factory Patio or under your Patio Factory Pergola and relax!

Diatomaceous Earth takes about three days to work. We aren’t going to bore you with all the science part of it. Suffice it to say that in 3 days time it east the exoskeletons of those horrible little garden pests so they don’t bother you anymore. This does mean that you should put it down every 2-3 weeks. We use it on our veggie gardens as well…it washes right off and the bugs are no longer a worry.

For flying insects…mosquitoes….we recommend planting various items in the garden that they don’t like. Nothing horrible….some lavender, thyme and scented geranium…These plants don’t really repel but they do give off enough scent to mask the plants that those little bothersome monsters like, so they leave your plants alone!

Cotton Lavender, Santolina and Wormwood are all plants that repel garden pests. Mainly they have awful….really awful in bug terms scents or tastes that drives the wretched little creatures away from your garden!

Basil and Sweet Marjoram are both used to keep aphids off Roses and Gardenias. So cozy them up to your beautiful Roses they get along really well!  Wormwood has such a smell that it’s good to use in the veggie garden because it keeps those white cabbage moths away.

Companion plants are a much kinder way to repel and remove pests from your garden. Think about this the next time you are wandering down the chemical aisle at the home store. Be good to the Earth and she will return the favor with a huge bounty of tasty veggies and lush Roses all around! Most of all companion plants will add interest to your garden so that when you sit on your patio or wander under your pergola and survey all that surrounds you, you can truly enjoy the benefits of Australian Outdoor Living!