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What’s a Gable Roof? Gable roofs are classic, angular shaped roofs that cover an oblong or square space. Just because the design is classic, that doesn’t mean your Gable Roof should be built with “classic” materials. Here at The Patio Factory we take pride in our Gable Roofs by using the strongest, most modern material available.”

What’s that you ask? It’s our Australian, BlueScope® Steel. It’s totally home-grown.  We’ve talked about Superman® using our Steel. We’ve told you how beautiful and strong it is. Really, it’s incredible. Imagine having something that strong, that gorgeous as part of your home? Absolutely! You can do it… with our help!  The Patio Factory designers can measure and design a Gable Roof System just for you. Why not? Mate, you only live once. You may as well have the best roofing design in Western Australia and both the metro and suburb areas of Perth!

Gable Roofs are the ones we see in children’s drawings, the ones that truly mean home to a wide array of people. Something about the simplicity of the design, yet the angled structure just screams HOME!  The Patio Factory can create an outdoor room beneath your Gable Roof System that is just that, a new part of your home that you will be living in, outside!  Enjoy your downtime beneath a Patio Factory Gable Roof.

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Perth patio designs

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We use only quality construction materials for our roofing systems as well as the Gable Roof itself. We want you to feel safe, secure and protected beneath your Patio Factory Gable Roof. Let’s give your Patio Factory Patio the finished look it needs. We can quickly and easily install a Gable Roof System, utilising our BlueScope® Steel, combined with any number of roofing material choices, ceiling options and of course our Colorbond® colour pallete to match or compliment your home. You don’t want to be the ugly duckling on your block anymore, do you? Together we can update and modernise your outdoor space and turn it into an outdoor room that you can use in all four seasons.

Protect yourself, your family and your friends from the punishing sun of Western Australia. Is it romantic to gaze up at the night sky? Sure it is, but you can do that in the yard. We think it’s much more romantic to sit outside under your Gable Roof with your sweetie, enjoying a glass of wine or having a chat about your weekend plans and relaxing.  When’s the last time you truly enjoyed your outdoor space….the heat of the sun, beating down on your bare shoulders? No way!  Take cover man! Stay cool in the face of that inferno beating down into your yard. Protect your young plantings by putting them on the patio, under your new Gable Roof! Ahhhh perfect!  Our Gable Roofs are designed to withstand all that the Australian weather system has to offer. Our Gable Roofs stand tall in the face of heat, hail, rains, storms, you name it. We keep you safe and sound when the climate has gone to the dogs!

The only thing holding you back is a phone call to our design team. Call us at 08 9451 6661. We offer both a free quote and consultation. And for the Do It Yourselfer…we have DIY KITS available as well. Don’t worry we do installations if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, but the option to is always available. Our KITS come with directions, diagrams and all the materials you need to erect your own Gable Roof over your Patio Factory Patio.   In addition, our diagrams and directions are easy to follow.  They are kid tested and approved! Seriously…we take them home and let our kids build little tiny models to make sure your designers haven’t gone completely nuts with the technical information!

So, whether it’s a custom designed Gable Roof System or a DIY KIT you’re after, we have the goods! We can make this happen together. The Patio Factory is your outdoor space family and we are here to take care of your needs and wants. We’ve all got one life to live and everyone should have what they want. You want the best, don’t you? Join The Patio Factory family and get the best.