Let Cooldek® help you keep your cool amid the Australian summer!

That’s’ right, Cooldek® is superbly insulated to prevent that scorching heat damage we all want to avoid for ourselves and our possessions. Cooldek® insulated roofing panels are a great option with pricing to reflect. The purpose of insulated roofing is to keep your outdoor area all season ready. This amazing innovation comes with huge price savings as your aircon is not used half the amount that it would be without.

Cooldek® insulated roofing allows you to choose exactly what is right for you. The team at The Patio Factory work with you to see what products we offer best would suit the solutions you need. We do this by first conducting a site measure to see exactly what panels would suit. Following our onsite meeting we take the quote to the computer screen and design an insulated patio that is perfectly suited for you. We provide a lot of bang for the buck!

COOLDEK® roofing is extremely rigid and  can span up to 7 metres between supports.  Long span distance reduces the number of supporting beams and framework structure, which creates an uncluttered and smooth ceiling-like appearance.

COOLDEK® roofing panels are designed for easy assembly and purpose designed interior channels to conceal electrical wiring for lighting, fans, outlets and audio/video system cables.

COOLDEK® has been designed, engineered and tested to comply with applicable Australian Standards.

COOLDEK® is manufactured using Bluescope® steel and finished in your choice of ColorBond® Colours.

Cooldek panels have the look of a classic steel roof on the top, hiding a smooth ceiling below that no one will suspect, and the best part? The ceiling is available in white or many of the high-gloss Colorbond colors you know and love! So, want to get a little funky and at the same time save money on the house? No problem. The Patio Factory, Pert, WA has the solution!

Not only does Cooldek reduce the heat on your Patio Factory Patio, but it in turn reduces your inside cooling requirements as well. When your home is shaded, it takes less energy to cool it and keep it cool. Come, explore Cooldek today. Check out our Cooldek info page or contact one of our expert designers (tel. 08 9451 5777) to go over your specifications and let’s get this project started! Really, we are as excited as you are!

With Cooldek insulated roofing panels you have the power to control the weather! Now, that’s something we bet you didn’t think about! Look out Mother Nature! Cooldek has arrived!


I simply love my Cooldek® insulated patio roofing system! Not only do I save money on interior cooling costs, but I can actually stand to be outside!! My plants love it too. They aren’t getting scorched by the sun and they have a cooler place to hang out and grow! The kids are able to stay out during the day and this Mama loves the peace and quiet inside while they play outdoors! Like The Patio Factory says, “Look out Mother Nature!” Now I’m in control!

-Deb, Mom of three, plant Mom of many! Bayswater, WA