Shire Approval for:

  • Patios
  • Carports
  • Pergolas

The Patio Factory is ready to make your dreams come true. We know you want a patio or you wouldn’t be here. We truly believe we can interpret what you want and give you that dream Patio, Pergola, Outdoor Room or Carport; one that will fit your house like a glove. Why? Well we are going to use our expertly trained installers and have our superior designers come up with a plan for them to follow.

We are going to use our BlueScope® Colorbond® Steel to either match your existing structure or compliment it. Some may want everything to blend in and other want a shining star that never goes out!  We know you. You’re the one planning the big bash, local band and great food!  We may just have to attend that party! We have many roofing options available as well, that Colorbond® Colour Pallet has been working overtime with 22 colours to choose from.  We know it’s a big deal, making all these decisions and that’s why our designers are here to speak with you. They can let you know what is popular right now and what will stand the test of time. After all, a Patio Factory Patio is going to be in our life a long time. Our Patios, Pergolas, Outdoor Rooms and Carports are strong, Strong, STRONG! Our designs are cyclone rated and as we said we use BlueScope® Steel to create some of the most beautiful structures you’ve ever seen. That BlueScope® Steel is really very strong. Everyone in Mandurah knows it. Heck, everyone in Australia knows it! (We talk on the phone a lot and we let everyone know!)

The Patio Factory Design Team is available to assist you with the City of Mandurah building permit for your new Patio, Pergola, Carport or Outdoor Room.  Whether it’s to watch fireworks from your home on the patio, enjoy a party with friends after a Sundowner Concert or maybe you want to throw your own Australia Day Celebration on your Patio Factory Patio, Pergola or in your Outdoor Room, we want to make a space for you, your family and friends to enjoy. Either way, we want to support your endeavours!

We can help you get set along the way. Hey, we’re not doing grocery shopping; but we can help you shop for accessories and complete your Patio Factory Patio, Pergola, and Outdoor Room or get your Carport set to receive that sweet new ride you’ve had your eye on!  So don’t put it off any longer. Call us so we can help you start the process and get on your way to enjoying a Patio, Pergola, Outdoor Room or Carport of your dreams!

Oh, if it’s a DIY KIT you’re after, yes, we can do that too! No worries, expert drawings, documents and directions, phone support. We have it all. We offer a FREE, NO OBLIGATION Measure and Quote for all of our products.

Now, we’re thinking we’d like to send our designers over for Crab Fest so we better get started!  We are here to walk you through the approval processes and help you determine what is necessary and what isn’t. We’ll even help you plan the party while we wait on all the approvals, permits and provisions to get approved, permitted or provisioned!  To get started, check out the forms below. Then call us and we’ll go on this journey together.  Remember, Patio, Pergola, Carport, and Outdoor Room…that’s Australian for PATIO FACTORY.

Please see the following document to determine in a building permit is required and the design code provisions.

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