4 Patio Heat Sources to Keep You Warm This Winter

With winter fast approaching, its best to be prepared. What’s the number one heat source for your outdoor patio space this winter?
We have a few!

What you use and what works, depends on the square meters you want to cover. Each has a different range and effectiveness.

  • Let’s discuss the most obvious choice first, our first option keeps the heat in, saving you money because if the heat stays in you don’t have to worry about making more each and every time the wind blows. Yup! You guess it! Our Patio Blinds can do the job and then some!  Summer or winter, our Patio Factory Patio Blinds are an excellent choice to control the climate on your patio!  Look out Mother Nature! We are going to give you a run for your money.
    Our blinds come in various materials. There are also options for how you raise and lower the blinds. Have we blown your mind yet?   In the summer you can raise and lower the blinds to block out the sun. In the winter you can lower the blinds to hold in the heat! We know we know…it just makes too much sense!
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  • Electric Patio Heaters like the JH version are great! They do the job fantastically and stay out of the way, often mounted on ceilings directly above. With multiple models and different sizes available, your options are open. We love our JH outdoor patio heaters for the simplicity and ease of use they provide, as well as the warmth! Ask us about them today, it’s what your patio needs this winter.

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  • There is always the fire pit. Fire pits provide a lovely atmosphere and the excitement of watching the flames burn over an open fire. Kids love these for the ease of roasting marshmallows and hot dogs! While marshmallows and hotdogs are not an ideal reason to purchase a fire pit, this does present you with the issue that is paramount…how do you use your patio? Is it a family space? Do you want to store or stack logs? Will you purchase logs? These are all things to consider when deciding on a fire pit.  If you are looking at a fire pit and have children and animals be wary of their behavior and maybe purchase a portable unit that is a little higher and comes with a cover. There are many factors to consider. Our staff will ask you lots of questions to help you make your decision.
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    The Outdoor Gas Heater. Outdoor gas heaters are a good heat source. They are often portable, making it easy to move them around the patio or put under the pergola. If you want more heat, you can simply add more heaters. The number of units needed is determined by the size and height of your patio. Make sure you have enough clearance for the size and style of your patio or pergola. A final note on outdoor gas heaters…they are easy to use. This alone makes them a popular option.
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We just love it! An option that saves you money year round for your year round outdoor patio space is just money in the bank, your bank and that makes a lot of sense!

Call us today for a free measure and quote:  (08 9451 5777).  Our designers, our staff, we are all waiting right here to go over the options with you and guide your decision to the option that is right for you.